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Feb 10, 2016

The last thing you ever thought would happen was getting arrested. Yet, here you are, in the back of a police car waiting for the officer to take you to jail. Whether you are arrested on a serious charge or because of a misunderstanding, the stress can be crushing. Trying to remain calm and focus on the steps in the process may help get you through it. Learn about what you can expect after an arrest.

Getting Booked

The police are required to read you the Miranda warning upon your arrest. In some situations, they may do it long before you suspect you will be arrested, or they may way. A crucial part of the Miranda warning is your right to remain silent. You should not have to answer questions or make statements that can be used against you. If you state that you would like to remain silent, the police can no longer ask you questions. Soon after your arrest, you will be transported to be booked. This means you will have to give relevant information, surrender personal items and be searched for contraband.

Calling for Help

What happens after you are booked depends on the charge. If you are accused of a relatively minor crime, or this is your first arrest, you may be able to call a family member or attorney for help. You will make an appearance before a judge, who will either allow you to go free of your own accord or force you to stay in custody. A third option is that you can leave after posting bail. This is a monetary amount set by the court to ensure you will return for subsequent court appearances. Those who post bail bonds West Chester PA will put up the cash in exchange for collateral. If you do not follow through with court appearances, the bail bondsman may find you or risk losing their money.

An arrest may be made easier by concentrating on the process. Remember that you are innocent until proven guilty in court.