What is a criminal case?

A criminal case is a case amid an individual and the state. According to the Article 7 and as amended in Criminal procedures law, followed by law firms in UAE, a Public Prosecution has the exclusive right from jurisdiction to initiate and put the criminal proceeding on trial. A public informer has the authority of inquiring and imposing charges on the defendant.

Types of Criminal Law Cases

 Listed down are criminal cases covered by lawyers of the law firms in UAE:

  • Assault: this incorporates cases of harassment, ill-treatment, and injury
  • Arson: This incorporates cases related to intention explosion or damage of property due to fire
  • Armed robbery: This incorporates cases related robbery done by threatening with arms.
  • Child abuse: This incorporates cases related to assaulting or abusing the child.
  • Kidnapping: This incorporates cases that involve forcibly taking away a person and then asking for ransom
  • Hate crimes and man slaughter: This incorporates cases related to hating man due to his caste and race and killing of a man.

Tips to follow when charged with criminal case


  • When a person gets charged with any criminal offense, he/she needs to be alert and follow certain safety tips to avoid getting in more trouble.
  • One needs to be cooperative and gracious towards lawyers of the law firms in UAE. Do not over react and be patient while they do their work to you pull out of the mess. Never disrespect the lawyer or any legal authority.
  • Keep silent in front of other legal authorities if your attorney from a law firm in UAE is not present. You can say no to any of the question of a prosecutor but with full respect. Avoid talking to stay away from using foul language as the words from your mouth can be used against you while case proceedings.
  • Make sure to ask a certain question to the attorney of a law firm in UAE before you hire him. Be assured that your hired lawyer will definitely help you out. You can gain confidence by asking them questions on their experience or qualification and everything that helps you gain confidence in him.
  • In any criminal law, case hires a lawyer from a law firm in UAE who expertise in solving criminal cases to avoid any future risk.
  • Be transparent with your attorney from. Never hide any information from him otherwise he will not be able to help you in any best possible manner.
  • Never post anything about your case on social media platforms as it can and will be used by the prosecution against you in the court.
  • Give all the contact details and every document related to the case to your attorney of the law firm in UAE. Never discuss your legal things over the phone while your case is going on in the case.

So, these are some of the tips that will help you when you are charged with a criminal case.

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